About Us

1925:In the small town of Tiruchirappalli,was born LKS with a big dream.A dream woven in the mystics of purity and astute craftsmanship,LKS was destined to become South India's premium luxury brand.The founder's "honesty in words and deeds"- a principle followed to this day-enabled LKS to soar upto dazzling heights.

1935:The winds of change then blew LKS to Sri Lanka.There,it anchored firmly to become the largest GOLD HOUSE in South East Asia,employing 600 gold-smiths. LKS was showered with many international awards and for its commitment towards quality and elegant craftsmanship.

1945:LKS soon launched in its homeland with a branch in Chennai in the then called China Bazaar.

1960:Having earned the goodwill and trust,LKS opened a big show-room in NSC Bose Road,Chennai.

1988:In 1988-LKS-three priceless letters,today signifying four generations of blind trust,started its biggest showroom in T.Nagar,Usman Road,Chennai and aptly called it T.Nagar LKS Gold House offering an exquisite blend of modern and traditional jewellery crafted in 916 cadmium gold,finest diamonds,platinum and other precious and semi precious stones.In the last 80 years T.Nagar LKS has won the trust of tens of thousands of customers making it the showroom with the largest customer base.

T.Nagar LKS is today a household name,renowned as much for its purity of gold as for its priceless diamonds and ravishing platinum making it the biggest and most elegant abode of complete precious jewellery.

2003:Having established a strong foot in the commercial hub of Chennai-the FOURTH GENERATION gave a glittering start to an exclusive diamond showroom"LKS DIAMONDS"

2006:Looking beyond the horizon-LKS Diamonds travels across the seas to USA to organise road shows and exports.

2009:Saw an exclusive dimension by the Fourth Generation-T.Nagar LKS in Anna Nagar-an upcoming new market in the city.

2015:Slow but steady-the Fourth generation exploring new market areas-T.Nagar LKS Gold Mart in Tambaram was born.

Our Guarantee:"Maintain the highest standards of quality".

T.Nagar LKS Gold House is a complete 916 BIS hallmarked showroom.It is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified jewellery showroom in India.T.Nagar LKS will replace or rectify any of its jewels to the satisfaction of the customer.

LKS DIAMONDS maintains the best quality diamonds.Every diamond bought from

LKS Diamonds is carefully examined by our technical experts and is certified for its colour,cut and clarity by the international laboratories. All our platinum jewellery will carry a certificate of authenticity from the PLATINUM GUILD OF INDIA(PGI)

Our Motto: Our method of business is small margin of profit,large turn over and thereby large profit

Our Slogan:"LKS-Gold is CASH IN HAND"

At LKS,Tradition is not merely a word,its a way of life.Its about bringing the past into present with sensitivity,emotion and reason.Its about rediscovering ourselves everyday.The traditional jewellers for over four generations.

The voyage continues……………….time speaks volumes